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Most people who start a family prefer to live in larger homes. They often look for extra rooms and bigger yards for children to play. However, this means that the house needs space not only inside but also outside. They are the same things homeowners wish for when looking for house and land package deals in Wyndham Vale, Victoria.

Many people give up on their dream of having a big yard as it is either impossible or opt for cheaper houses with smaller yards. But, if you are looking to fulfill the goal of owning a big home with enough space for both kids and pets, then here are some tips that you must keep in mind.

1. Plan The Layout Of Your House Properly

You can plan the layout of your home according to your needs. For instance, if you have small children at home, you should consider incorporating a room for them to play and study. This way, your children will always have their own space and won't be all over the house.

Similarly, you can also opt for a few pets like dogs or cats if you wish to do. However, make sure that they don't interfere with the functionality of the house.

2. Create A Play Area In The Garden

Since you have a big garden, you must also ensure that your children can use it while playing. You can add a slide or swings to ensure they get plenty of outdoor playtimes. It will give them more space to move around and enjoy their lives to the fullest. Moreover, the area of the yard will also be utilized.

3. Make The Garden A Hassle-Free One

Your garden must be hassle-free so that your kids can play there without any difficulties. For instance, you need to choose plants for this purpose carefully. You must avoid poisonous plants, leading to accidents if they are left lying around the house. Also, you must not forget to cover the borders of your garden with a net so that small children don't fall in any ditch or hole.

You can also create pathways for easy movement around the garden and space for recreational activities like playing cricket or football. Try to make sure that all paths are clear and visible enough to avoid injuries.

4. Make Use Of The Garage

Garage space can be used to create a storage room for your children. You must use shelves and cabinets to keep the toys, clothes, or other items adequately arranged. Make sure that it provides proper lighting as well as ventilation.

In this way, you will also be able to use the garage without having to worry about its misuse. Also, make sure that the garage door is in good condition and secure enough to ensure your kids don't go inside at their own will.


Your family wants to live in a house that makes it easy for them to play and study without difficulties. With this guide, you can create an ideal family home with enough space for everyone. These considerations will help you get greater value for your investment and avoid any future hassles.



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