When it comes to steak, it may seem pretty straightforward; it’s either tasty, or it isn’t. But the method for achieving that juicy, tender goodness, (while avoiding a dry and chewy steak) proves there is actually a lot more to it than meats the eye. 


The first step in ensuring you grill the perfect steak, is finding a fresh cut of meat to begin with. For optimal freshness, try to buy your steaks the morning of the day you anticipate to eat them. 

When picking out your steak, don’t shy away from those with a bit of extra fat. The white flecks of fat within are called ‘marbling’, and should be sought after when looking for a tasty steak. This will dissolve when met with heat, and leave you with added moisture on the inside. But don’t be fooled; the colour of your steak won’t impact the taste. Searching around for that cherry-red meat instead of a lighter pink will do nothing but waste precious grilling time!


You wouldn’t go for a run without stretching beforehand, so why throw your steak on the grill without the proper preparation? To achieve the desired cooking results, let your steak adjust to room temperature before adding your seasoning of choice.

When it comes to seasoning, add as little or as much as you want. All you have to do is ensure you are rubbing and massaging this into the steak for the most flavour. Simply shaking seasoning on top of your meat means it won’t absorb as much goodness. 

The perfect steak deserves the perfect seasoning, so when your usual salt and pepper blend won’t cut it, why not try out a pre-prepared rub like those from Traeger Grills. The Traeger Signature Rub is a unique blend of sweet, salty and savoury, guaranteed to step up the flavour of any meat. The classics like garlic and basil are joined by oregano, chilli and paprika to deliver an unforgettable, smoky taste.

For maximum flavour, blast your steak with heat at the start of cooking. Fire up your grill and let your steaks rest on the smoke for at least 15 minutes before cranking up the temperature. 


Alright, it’s finally time to turn up the heat and get cooking! But don’t let yourself get carried away, this is the most technical part of the process and where the real science comes in. 

The time you spend grilling your steak all depends on personal preference (rare, medium-rare, well done, whatever your schtick), but relies on the internal temperature of the meat, so it would be ideal to invest in a digital thermometer for this stage. 

When cooking a steak, you’re doing two things. The first is searing the surface, while the second is heating the inside temperature (which you want to keep much cooler). It’s important to always keep an eye on what you’re doing to maintain that perfect balance. 

The temperature you’re cooking at is crucial, as it sets off the Maillard Reaction. This is a chemical reaction between sugars and amino acids when the meat sizzles at around 150 degrees Celcius, creating hundreds of flavour compounds and aromas. Basically, the Maillard Reaction is what browns the meat, initiates that delicious smell, and makes your mouth water.

If you’re hosting and need to step away from the grill, that’s where Traeger Grills WiFIRE BBQ technology comes in. Built for multi-taskers and serial entertainers, the Traeger Pro 575 allows you to monitor and control the temperature from anywhere in the home via the Traeger app, guaranteeing your steak will be grilled to perfection every time.

Below is a foolproof guide on achieving your desired “doneness”:

Rare: 50 to 55°C internally, with a red centre. At 200°C, cook for 2:30 minutes on each side. 

Medium-rare: 55 to 60°C internally, with some pink in the centre. At 200°C, cook for 4.30 minutes on each side.

Medium-well: 60 to 70°C internally, with a light pink centre. At 200°C, cook for 5.30 minutes on each side.

Well-done: 70 to 75°C internally, with a primarily brown centre. At 200°C, cook for 6.30 minutes on each side.


It’s almost time to dig in, but if you can resist a little longer, your taste buds are sure to thank you for it. It’s important to rest your meat after cooking as heat draws the water away from the proteins. Allowing your steak to sit for 10 to 15 minutes means that your meat has time to reabsorb these delicious juices. 

Finally, plate up along with some butter and your favourite salad, and enjoy!