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So, you've heard all about cryptocurrencies, how people are investing and reaping millions from them, and now you want to try the same for yourself. That's right in order since everyone is investing in digital currencies to make money. However, it's essential to do your homework or lose your money or give up out of frustrations. The cryptocurrency industry is still young, and the crypto assets increase in value the more people join the market in a bid to make money.

These newbies are always trying to figure out how to go about it and if you're one of them, we're here to give you an idea of how to make money with cryptocurrency. Below are a few examples of the many ways you can make money with cryptos.


Investing in cryptocurrencies entails buying and storing cryptocurrencies for an extended period. This is because they are generally volatile for short periods but have great potential for long-term growth. To invest in cryptos, you need to identify the ones with the most long-term growth potential, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which increase in value in the long run and guarantee ROI.


Unlike investing, trading is a short-term strategy for making the most of the present opportunities. As a volatile market, cryptocurrencies can increase or decrease in value dramatically and consistently. As such, you need great analytics and technical skills to be successful at trading in cryptos.

You should be able to analyze market performance, charts and make correct predictions. This will help you know when the market will rise or fall then trade accordingly.

Staking And Lending

To stake is to validate cryptocurrency transactions. It means owning crypto coins, locking them in your crypto wallet, and not spending them. Your transactions will be validated by a Proof of Stake network using your crypto coins. When this happens, you get a reward or profit. In other words, it's like lending your coins to the proofing network, which pays you with interest.

The Proof of Stake algorithm selects the transaction validators based on the number of coins you have staked. This strategy is super efficient with limited hardware. Additionally, you can lend your cash to other investors who pay you back with interest.

Crypto Social Media

Another way to make money with cryptos is by creating and curating content on social media. Multiple social media platforms offer rewards for such. Typically you'll be rewarded with the platform's native coin.


Cryptocurrency mining entails getting rewards for new coins as the value of the cryptocurrency increases. The higher the value, the more the bonuses and the higher the profits you'll make. However, you'll need to be highly tech-savvy and invest in special hardware to mine successfully.


Although cryptocurrencies are a worthy and lucrative investment, not everyone who joins the industry ends up with a fortune. However, with the right skills and hardware, you can make a lot of money from digital currency. And although the cryptocurrency market is still tiny, it has immense growth potential.

The idea is to pick a winning strategy that will make you money with cryptos. The exact process can also enable you to make good money with altcoins, such as the new