Will We Ever See FIFA Football Manager on the PS5?

While being somewhat of a cult classic among football fanatics, the game by SEGA and Sports Interactive has been garnering fans for ages, but the question is, will we ever see the FIFA Football Manager available on the PS5 or even on the PS4?

The answer is, regrettably: probably not.

There are three main reasons why this is the case:

  1. Low direct interest by Sony players
  2. Difficulties in porting the game to the PlayStation
  3. Possible deals with Microsoft

And the last one might be the biggest hurdle for PS5 owners. SEGA has declared that they are joining a strategic partnership with Microsoft as their games are currently only available for Windows and Xbox, both under the control of Microsoft.

Additionally, there is the issue that the fantasy sports market and the PlayStation market don’t overlap as much as one would believe. Even if we look in countries where PS5 sales are massive, like Australia, we will see that the betting sites in Australia rarely offer fantasy sports, which are the biggest indicator for the FIFA Football Manager customers.

Dependent on the Xbox

While this might sound defeating for many of the fans of the console and the FIFA game, the best chance for PlayStation players to see Manager on their TVs is for the game to garner the greatest success with Xbox players.

The deal between SEGA and Microsoft is not exclusive, and there is little stopping the developer from porting their game, provided they see the benefit. For many developers, there is a mental separation between PC, consoles, and mobile, even though the hardware capabilities are closer than ever.

For now, the PC is seen as the biggest market at the Betway Australia. But, if that is to change for the genre, then we might see more willingness to port the game. Regretfully, we might already be at the Sony PlayStation 6 by the time that happens.