A pool in your home can offer enjoyment and happiness to your family and friends, especially during hot summer months. Moreover, you probably want it to always remain pure, sparkly and ready for use whenever someone wants to take a dip. To ensure it remains in great shape throughout all seasons, you will need to properly maintain it as often as possible. Some of the things a swimming pool cleaner can do to keep it sparkling include;

Washing baskets and removing debris

Once every few days, wash your strainer basket and use it to skim over the surface of water to remove debris. You should also use a net with a long handle to remove floating debris like leaves and bugs that have accumulated on the surface of water overtime.


You should vacuum the water to keep it clear. Moreover, vacuuming also reduces the amount of chemicals that you need to add to the water. After vacuuming, you can brush the walls and tile to remove any buildup of algae and calcium deposits. Remove any growth using a wire brush.

Maintaining the water level

The water level can reduce due to evaporation or the usual wear and tear of the surface. You must prevent the water level from getting below the skimmer to avoid problems such as pump damage. If the level is low, increase it by using tools such as a garden hose.

Washing the filter

Some homeowners fail to wash their filters, which can cause problems such as having a faulty heater, green water, a bad salt system or being unable to remove dirt from the floor. All these issues can cause the water to be unusable.

Monitor the water chemistry

When the chemical composition in the water is not right, it can result in the water being corrosive. This will in turn damage equipment, the walls and decks. Check the chemical composition monthly and adjust accordingly.

Shock the water

Shocking is the act of increasing the chemical levels in the water temporarily. This eliminates pathogens such as bacteria. However, it should be done only a few times annually to avoid damaging your equipment.

Remove oils using a tennis ball

When you drop a tennis ball in the water, it will absorb all the oils that are present. The oils usually come from sweat, body lotions and hair products of people who have taken a dip.

It is every owner’s wish to have sparkling and safe water to take a dip in. Activities such as vacuuming, maintaining water level, repairing leaks, washing filters, removing floating debris and shocking the water will allow it to be safe for use. All owners must follow these maintenance practices in order to prevent any future issues from occurring.

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