One of our favorite aspects of mobile games is that there are activities for everybody who wants to kill some time. Many folks want an in-depth gaming experience, while others want to pass the time while waiting at the DMV queue.

The latter group doesn't want to get lured into a play; instead, they would like to have their minds busy and turn off the game as soon as their number comes up without facing any repercussions.

For such folks, we've collected a collection of really easy and downright silly games that, should you allow them, would keep you occupied for hours.

Balls Race

Balls Race is a fast-paced activity that lasts approximately a minute, even if you complete everything. You're up against 19 other balls, all of which are fighting for the first position at the end of the course.

The issue would be that the game advances swiftly, and you must act swiftly to overtake the other spheres, making it easy to collide with the numerous hazards on the track.

In concept, the game is easy, although it is very difficult. We've practiced it a lot, and we still haven't reached the end of a circuit since the ball goes so quickly and there are so many hurdles. If you would like a challenging game, this is the game that will keep you busy for hours and hours.

Subway Surfers

This is the awesome subway surfing game that has kept all of us occupied for hours on end. You'll come upon a mystery box containing surprising goodies along the route in this adventure.

Furthermore, there would be a huge surprise box if you reach level 30. Now is your time to inspect the cranky inspector. You won't continue if you don't pay attention to the rushing trains.

Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure

Two fantastic videogames to play in this pandemic are Alto's Adventure and Altos Adventure. They're both quite addicting games as well. You snowboard down a huge slope and perform a variety of feats.

Although there are challenges, changes in the environment, and numerous stuff to acquire, that is essentially the whole game. Bright colors and simple gameplay characterize these games.

These are also free to play, with most users not having to spend anything. Advertisement generates more revenue for the developers than in-app purchases do. These games are fantastic, simple to play, and compulsive. Also, find out the best online casino games!

Angry Birds 2

The Angry Birds name has grown so big that it's hard to locate a videogame nowadays which doesn't seem appealing to mobile gamers. However, we prefer to stick to the basics and classics. Angry Birds 2 is a thrilling game that gives you exactly everything you want: to fire birds at evil piglets.

Empires and Puzzles: The Epic Match 3

This game combines RPG battle, card collecting, base-building, and match-3 gameplay to provide a basic yet complex strategic gameplay experience. As you progress through the gameplay, create fantastic combos, raise up your troops, acquire loot, make weapons, and gather resources. Participants can interact in online battles or PvP duel gameplays.


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