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The team chooses beautiful and intelligent products with a story to tell and a reason for being. 
They have a range of stylish designer gift hampers for the man in your life containing everything from fine wines and chocolate, to single barrel whiskey and spiced nuts, or Vermouth and Tonic - All the essentials a Gentleman could ask for!
Two of their options are presented below:
Craft beer in cans is the thing and we are serving up 3 favourites by Yulli's Brews. Enjoy with delicious crackers, olive tapenade and spicy nuts.

One for the wildlife warrior in your life! Moet, a Swedish camping axe and Bicycle playing cards. We think we just created a classic!
All tubes come with the option to include a personal message and are conveniently delivered to your (or his) doorstep.

To place an order and view their range of gifting options, visit
Business Marketing