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A leading Australian urologist is urging younger men ditch the vapes to minimise their risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED).

Dr Christopher Love, medical advisor for online health platform Mosh, said many people wrongly believe ED is an old man’s issue but some young men who let their fitness go or have made bad lifestyle choices such as poor diet, smoking, the use of recreational drugs and excess pornography use are finding problems happening in the bedroom.

Vaping may also turn out to be a risk factor for problems such as erectile dysfunction.

“Erectile dysfunction is often a vascular condition just like heart disease, so if something is bad for the heart, it’s going to be bad for erections too. Being overweight, having high cholesterol and smoking can trigger it sooner,” Dr Love said.

“Many men with diabetes also will often develop erection issues, so good control of diabetes from a young age is crucial.”

Since the arrival of Viagra in Australia about 25 years ago, men have become more open to talking about erectile dysfunction and doing something about it.

“30 years ago, many men weren’t seeking treatment for ED at all, as there were no ‘easy’ treatments and nobody discussed the problem openly, which had a significant impact on their quality of life,” Dr Love said.

“While men now know treatment is available, there can still be some stigma and embarrassment about talking to a doctor concerning these issues, which is where online health platforms like Mosh have a role to play, because men can access the medical advice they need in a less confronting way, through an online chat from the privacy of home, rather than having to sit in a doctor’s room and explain their situation face to face.”

For any man struggling with ED, Dr Love always recommends addressing lifestyle factors first.

“For some men, quitting smoking, exercising more, avoiding external stress, sleeping well and losing a few kilos can make all the difference but when that doesn’t help, then pills like Viagra are the next step and depending on the severity of the condition, there are other options available, all of which can be discussed with the doctors at Mosh,” Dr Love said.

“When other treatments don’t work, or are unsuitable, surgery to insert a penile implant is the gold standard to fix all erectile dysfunction problems.” 

“The worst thing a man can do is ignore the problem because it not only impacts their quality of life but could trigger depression and often is masking an underlying health condition.”

Erectile dysfunction is one of the top reasons men are using Mosh to access discreet, convenient and qualified medical advice.

Mosh ( is an online men’s health platform, a one-stop shop for men who are dealing with hair loss, weight loss, erectile dysfunction, mental health and more. The online health clinic connects men with Australian doctors, dietitians and psychologists and organises treatments in discreet packages to be delivered to your door.


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