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More than 3 million people in Australia seek treatment for arthritis each year. In fact, by the age of 80, over half of all adults will have experienced arthritis in some form or another. However, a new breakthrough medication provides hope for improved treatment outcomes with a more effective and side-effect-free solution.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis. Chronic mild OA significantly impacts the quality of life and daily functioning of millions of Aussies every day. Unfortunately, the majority of treatments for this debilitating condition come with some nasty side effects, thus limiting the options for many and leaving them with few effective solutions.


Enter Abexol. 


Abexol is more than just a game-changer when dealing with OA; it is a pain-changer.  


Abexol has transformed how we address OA pain and improve the lives of those suffering from it. Going beyond conventional methods, its innovative mix of beeswax alcohols represents a new frontier in pain management, providing a more effective and virtually a side-effect-free approach for individuals dealing with persistent pain.


While there are a host of debilitating side effects associated with traditional OA treatments (including bleeding risks, headaches, concerns around blood sugar levels, blood pressure, vitamin and mineral absorption, drug interactions and kidney issues),  far and away, the most common side effects across nearly all treatments involve gastrointestinal problems (GI)*.   From nausea and diarrhea to heartburn and eptigastritis, most mainstay OA treatments, such as turmeric, fish oils, rosehip and glucosamine and chondroitin, have significant reports of GI issues for some consumers.


Abexol overcomes the limitations of traditional OA complementary medicines and, in fact, offers the unique benefits of GI protection and improved gut health.


Interestingly, this breakthrough treatment for OA was discovered during research on GI issues, with many participants spontaneously reporting a significant decrease in their joint pain as well as their GI issues (which was the focus of the study). The reports of improved joint health were so prevalent that researchers soon switched their focus to studying Abexol for joint health and GI health.


Abexol's unique formulation has provided hope and relief to individuals like Darryl Flashman, individuals who have previously struggled to find effective, side-effect-free solutions for their pain.


A motorcycle rider since he was eight, last year, 59-year-old Darryl faced the very real possibility of never being able to ride a Harley again.


"The clutch on a Harley is heavy," he reveals. "It takes a lot of strength to change gears on a Harley, let alone steer it," he said. The chronic osteoarthritis in his hands meant that he struggled to change gears, let alone steer safely around sharp corners at speed.


"I was devastated," he said. "I just kept thinking that I would never be able to ride again. It was taking a serious toll on my mental health, let alone the actual physical pain."


He heard about Abexol from an online osteoarthritis support group.


“I was definitely sceptical about trying it,” Darryl reveals. "I'd tried a heap of other things which just didn’t work, didn't even touch the pain. The only way they stopped the hurt was when I stopped paying for them because they didn't work," he said.


Despite his scepticism, Darryl decided to give Abexol a go. And he's happy that he did.


"After about a week or so, I thought my hand felt a bit better, but I didn’t know if I was imagining it or not. About a week after that, I was sure the pain relief wasn't just a coincidence or in my head. It has definitely helped me. Really, it has changed my life. I can do what I love to do again. That makes me happy. And I'm not in pain anymore. That makes me even happier. You can't be really happy if you aren't healthy or you're in pain."


But Darryl's results are common. According to Raydel’s Australian Market Access and Development Manager, Sarah Munnik, 90% of customers surveyed reported a significant decrease in joint pain and stiffness.


“Abexol is definitely a pain-changer as it addresses the root causes of OA pain while minimizing the risk of side effects. By providing an innovative approach that tackles pain without compromising overall well-being, Abexol offers new possibilities for individuals seeking relief from OA,” she said.  


“Its bioavailability and easy-to-take daily dose make it a convenient and effective choice for individuals seeking relief from arthritis pain. Moreover, its ability to alleviate gastric issues simultaneously is an added advantage, providing additional benefits for people facing such issues.”


“Abexol not only brings optimism to those living with OA but also underscores the importance of ongoing research and the potential for drawing upon our natural sources for their potential health benefits,” Munnik adds.



Further information:


  1. Osteoarthritis is a wear-and-tear disease affecting the entire joint, causing bone weakness, deterioration of connective tissue, and inflammation of joint. It is associated with factors such as post-traumatic injuries, physically demanding jobs, excess weight, lack of exercise, and poor diet.
  2. Globally, osteoarthritis is the 3rd most rapidly rising disability, behind diabetes & dementia.  
  3. 1 in 8 Australians suffer from osteoarthritis.  
  4. Abexol is the only beeswax-alcohols-based product registered by the TGA in Australia to treat mild arthritis and osteoarthritis and support stomach health. 
  5. Abexol is registered with the TGA to help enhance healthy joint function, relieve symptoms of mild osteoarthritis such as mild joint aches, pains, and stiffness, help improve joint mobility, and maintain stomach and gastrointestinal system health.
  6. Each tablet contains 50 mg of Beeswax alcohol with no added yeast, salt, gluten, artificial flavours or sweeteners. The dosage is one to two tablets daily.
  7. Abexol is available at selected pharmacies or online at
  8. Abexol is manufactured by Raydel, one of South Korea’s top 10 health and wellness companies which has been dedicated to pursuing innovation and growth for over 30 years across the Asia-Pacific region.
  9. National Pain Week runs from 24 -30 July 2023. It is an annual event in Australia dedicated to raising awareness about chronic pain. Organized by Chronic Pain Australia, the event aims to highlight the challenges faced by individuals living with chronic pain and reduce societal barriers associated with managing it. The theme for National Pain Week 2023 is "Let them know how strong you are", aiming to combat the stigma around discussing and seeking care for chronic pain and the "she'll be right" dismissive attitude that many people adopt, which can result in exacerbated long-term effects for both the individuals themselves and their loved ones, including family, friends, and colleagues.


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