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Whether weight loss or muscle gain is your goal, you can find Black Friday deals to kick your health into gear before the holidays with Mr Vitamins.

Australia’s leading natural health retailer Mr Vitamins has products made for your health and wellness needs. From protein powder to digestive enzymes to anti-inflammatory honey, there are Black Friday bargains to look out for.

  • Juniper provides modern healthcare treatments online with clinically-proven weight loss programs and personalised care to help manage menopause symptoms.

    • Black Friday offer: 30% off entire range

  • Optimum Nutrition provides quality supplements, protein powder, pre-workout and other targeted fitness products.

    • Black Friday offer: Gold Standard whey 2.27lb $109. Save $30

  • White Wolf is Australia's best tasting vegan protein powder.

    • Black Friday offer: 30% off RRP-entire range

  • Manuka Health offers Premium Mānuka Honey products with soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits.

    • Black Friday offer: Manuka Honey Blend MGO30+ 1kg 50% off

  • Nutra-Life has a range of specialist supplements that help support the foundation of a healthy, vibrant body and mind.

    • Black Friday offer: Up to 50% off selected products

  • FUSION is where ancient wisdom meets modern medicine with their range of premium supplements and vitamins.

    • Black Friday offer: Up to 40% off entire range

  • IMUNI provides a range of nutraceutical products for immune system, sleep and general health. Their health supplements are evidence-based and 100% vegan.

    • Black Friday offer: Quercetain 2 for $60 or 1 for $35


All Mr Vitamins’ Black Friday promotions are available via the website from November 21 to November 28.


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