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An estimated 1 in 4 Australian men have visited the doctor about incontinence*, but this taboo health  issue is rarely openly discussed. TENA, a leader in male incontinence products, has launched a new  WASHABLE, LEAK-ABSORBING UNDERWEAR range that addresses this issue and encourages men to  ‘Wear it with Confidence’ in time for Prostate Awareness Month. 

Continence concerns are common among Australian men, and especially those who have been treated  for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the country’s most commonly  diagnosed cancer, with 66 men diagnosed every day and more than 240,000 Australian men alive after  a diagnosis of prostate cancer.** These numbers indicate just how many men are dealing with  incontinence and the associated impact on their mental health. 

Mishael Raban, Marketing Manager for TENA, says, “Incontinence is a common health issue, yet stigmas  still exist that prevent people talking about it – especially men. Whether it’s a small leak or a heavier  flow, bladder leakage shouldn’t stop you from shouldn’t stop you from getting on with life. It’s important  we start having conversations around the issue because there are solutions like TENA Men underwear 

that can help improve men’s quality of life by safe-guarding their self-esteem.” 

For men living with incontinence, the challenge of dealing with urine leakage can lead to insecurities  around their confidence and self-esteem, preventing them from doing the things in their lives they love.  TENA Men Washable Boxers is designed to help overcome 3 key barriers to use. Firstly, to provide a  sense of physical and emotional security, enabling men to regain control and confidence. Secondly, we  need to provide reassurance and support, to help men retain a sense of pride and masculinity. And  finally, discretion for men is paramount, which is where our new washable, leak absorbing boxers  empower men to live a regular life. 

TENA has worked closely with Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and creative agency Dig to create an awareness campaign ‘Wear it with Confidence’ featuring three prostate cancer survivors.  Ross, Ian and Steve bravely share their stories of dealing with prostate cancer, their experience of facing  incontinence, and the relief of having discreet, leak-absorbing underwear they can wear with confidence. 

Father and grandfather Ross is 76 years young. He says dealing with prostate surgery and the aftercare is challenging – and at times, nothing short of confronting. 

“Dealing with a pad and changing it at a pub toilet or a neighbour’s house was embarrassing and a bit  difficult to deal with. It had an impact on my self-esteem, as men are expected to be strong and able to  do things, and suddenly you are like a child and not able to do things in the same way. But we need to  talk more about it and to normalise it.” 

“TENA underwear gives me the confidence to live my life freely. Incontinence is an issue that needs to  be dealt with daily and having the ability to cover up that you are leaking gives you great confidence to  go to sporting events or social events without fear of embarrassment. The new TENA washable  underwear is fantastic because you are not dealing with a packet of pads, and they give me the 

confidence and freedom to do those kinds of active things in my life, like sailing, because they are  discreet and support lots of movement, which is where pads can fall down.” 

Sydney-based Ian is 62 and agrees that TENA gave him the confidence to return to life post-surgery after feeling like he was on the backfoot for months. 

“When I first had my operation and went to bathroom wearing a hospital pad, I felt like everyone would  know I had this on. I found them uncomfortable. I just didn’t know how to deal with them at first. When  I didn’t need big pads any longer, I started wearing smaller pads, then double underwear to feel  confident. Finally, I discovered TENA’s washable underwear. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t  have them to keep dry and stay confident. Also important to me is the fact that TENA is washable  underwear, so it’s reusable.” 

Television producer and now a registered celebrant, Steve, 70, credits his prostate support group and wearing TENA washable underwear with helping him psychologically deal with his light incontinence. 

“I found dealing with incontinence incredibly inconvenient, difficult and frustrating. When I discovered  that people in my support group were worse off than me, I started to stop feeling sorry for myself and  began focusing on my recovery. Now I’m wearing washable undies that I know will hold the wee, which  gives me the reassurance I need.” 

Bernard Riley, PCFA General Manager, Supportive Care Programs, and prostate cancer specialist nurse, helped with the launch of the Prostate Cancer Telenursing Service last year, which is designed to support men on all areas of prostate cancer. 

The service found that around 15 per cent of all callers are seeking more information about incontinence  and urinary issues, with many identifying urinary issues as their biggest concern following prostate cancer  treatment. One third of male callers impacted by continence issues also reported feeling moderately to  severely distressed by the problem, with depression and anxiety and feelings of isolation, fear, and  embarrassment common. 

“We need to change the conversation around continence issues to ensure all men know they are not  alone and there is support and management options available. Part of that is giving men the confidence  to be vulnerable and share their stories, and it’s also letting them know about products like TENA that  help to address this health challenge and significantly improve their quality of life.  

TENA Men’s new WASHABLE, LEAK-ABSORBING UNDERWEAR range are protective black boxers with  grey elastic band (sizes Small to XXL) 

You can pick up your TENA Men Washable Absorbent underwear at Coles and selected pharmacies  around the country for RRP $39.99. 


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