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Considered the next evolution in wellness, clean beauty and conscious consumerism (‘kind beauty’) is fast becoming  a way of being and within it - toxin-free, organic tan the current dejour.  

In Australia, there is one luxury brand leading the way… Introducing Three Warriors, the organic tan brand currently  shaking up the beauty industry by taking the ‘fake’ out of ‘fake tan’ and bringing ‘natural’ (i.e. plant-based) tanning  agents back into bodies and shelves. 

WIth unique plant-based formulations sourced directly from mother nature, Three Warriors infuse natural minerals  and botanicals from the pristine shores of island state Tasmania that both nourish and hydrate skin while eliciting a  sun-kissed glow (thanks to key ingredients including avocado oil, aloe vera and chamomile extract).  

With an award-winning status and gold star certifications as: ‘Certified Organic,’ ‘Certified Vegan,’ ‘Toxic-Free’ and  ‘Cruelty-Free,’ the brand is fast gaining a cult celebrity following with natural beauties such as Ashley Hart, Keira  Rumble and Sam Frost crediting the tan for boosting their‘ girl next door’ glow, and industry iconics such as  Nourished Life founder Irene Falcone endorsing the brand.  

“I am also a huge huge fan of the Three Warriors tanning mousse!! It is certified organic, up until recently I only  used XXX tan, Lucy in my office was using this and she said Irene you’ve gotta try this Three Warriors Mousse. Why  would I try that for, it’s just another brand that’s made another natural tan and I’m already really married to the XXX  tan. She said “No Irene, you’ve gotta try it’s really good” So I actually just happened to run out of the XXX Tan so I  tried this and oh my goddess this Is so good!! I have to say I don’t think I will go back to using another natural fake  tan again. This is amazing. I have tried every fake tan natural and organic and even the non natural stuff but I still try it to compare. There is nothing on the market that works like this.” - Irene Falcone 

Founded by millennial Corbin Halliday, Three Warriors is an 100 per cent Australian owned company that’s story  and intentions are ingrained in serving a higher purpose - to provide a luxury glow minus the chemical guilt and  with an ethical and health conscious ethos. 

Designed and formulated for men and women in mind, Three Warriors caters to all skin types, tones and bodies  and is certified by peak bodies including: the Organic Food Chain, Toxic Free Safe Cosmetics Australia and Australian Cruelty-Free Association.

Cult favourites loved by the beauty elite include - Three Warriors Gradual Tan and Three Warriors Self-Tan  Mousse - with both awarded ‘Editors Choice’ at the Global Beauty Awards and the Three Warriors Self-Tan  Mousse and Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt honoured at the Organic Beauty Awards 2020.  

With beauty and wellness becoming interchangeable in the quest for healthy, glowing skin, it’s safe to say the  grassroots brand has cemented its position as a clean beauty go-to when it comes to natural and organic  tanning.  

Join the movement now to stay ahead of the crowd and gain a guilt-free glow worth boasting about.