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Maybe you have been wondering about renting a shipping container or purchasing a shipping container. It is good to know all the information that you can get about your options before reaching a decision. Are there pros and cons to renting or buying? What are the best reasons to buy a shipping container and what are the best reasons to rent one?


Shipping Containers – Pros and Cons of Renting


You might decide to rent a shipping container and you can use it for many different purposes. Some of them may be temporary and that is the best reason to not purchase a shipping container. You might not be able to accurately decide what size of container you will need before you lay eyes on it. Once the container is delivered and placed you will then be able to see the amount of space that it takes and how much space is available inside the container.


The pros of renting a shipping container include:


  • * You do not need to renew your rental if you want to return the container once your term is over.

  • * You can always rent a container for a short time, and have it picked up by the container company once you do not need it anymore.

  • * If you rent a container for a short time and decide you need it for the long term, you can purchase it and save yourself money on a long-term rental.

  • * If you rent a container that is too small or too large, you can contact the company and exchange it for a larger or smaller one.

  • * Containers have a wide range of uses and if you find your container does not meet those needs you can always choose something different.

  • * Longer term rental contracts can help you to save money in the future.

  • * If you cannot afford to purchase a shipping container, the rental option allows you to pay a monthly amount.

  • * Some companies offer a trial period for containers so you may be able to convert a rental agreement to a purchase if you decide to buy it instead of renting it.


The cons of renting shipping containers include:


  • * You could pay more for the container through rent than if you had just purchased it at the start.

  • * If the container is damaged during your rental period, you will have to pay for that from your damage deposit once the contract is over.

  • * Since you do not own the shipping container, it must be returned to the rental company.


Maybe you are thinking about buying a shipping container. If so, there are also some pros and cons to owning a container.


Owning a Container: Pros


  • * Choose which size and grade of shipping container you want.

  • * If you own the container, you can completely customize it to suit whatever you need it for.

  • * You can ask for add-ons to be installed before your container is delivered. Shipping container suppliers can customize your container, but it is up to you to check and see if the supplier will give you what you want.

  • * As a business owner, purchasing a shipping container is a write off.

  • * You can sell your shipping container later if you do not want it anymore. You can usually get a similar price to what you paid since containers tend to hold their value.

  • * Purchase of a shipping container usually includes delivery and set up.



Shipping Container Purchase – Cons


  • * There are many unsavory characters out there trying to scam people. Always buy your shipping container from a known company to ensure you are getting what you are paying for.

  • * You do not have a lease so you cannot simply return a container to the supplier once you no longer want it. The good news is that shipping containers are in high demand, so it should not be a problem to unload it.


If you are still trying to make up your mind about buying or renting a shipping container, get in touch with a shipping container dealer to discuss your options. Companies that deal with shipping containers on they daily will be able to let you know what the pros and cons are for renting or buying your shipping container. You should not rush into a purchase, always carefully research and decide about whether renting or buying the container is the best option for you. Shipping containers continue to grow in popularity and are extremely useful so you will never have a problem getting rid of yours if that is what you want.


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