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  • Written by Diane Falzon

With demand for mid-strength brew going from strength to strength, Australia’s first female-owned and operated distilling company, Clovendoe, is fast-becoming the mid-strength spirit trailblazers, creating a wave of enthusiasm and interest amongst Australians who enjoy a delicious tipple, minus the calories and alcohol level. 

In the lead up to Father’s Day, Clovendoe, as the first Australian distillery to offer a range of mid-strength spirits, is encouraging Australians to continue to satisfy their mid-strength taste buds by embracing the botanical flavours infused in the Clovendoe’s 24 range, which boasts half the alcohol of full-strength gin or vodka, but without compromising the drinking, socialising and tasting experience. 

Clovendoe’s Head Distiller, Catie Fry says, “Australians are demanding a quality drinking experience that has less alcohol content without reducing the taste and quality.  Clovendoe 24 is a premium mid-strength spirit, which embodies gutsy botanicals, a sophisticated palette sensation, while giving the drinker a health-conscious drinking experience due to its lower alcohol level.  It’s a perfect offering for today’s mindful consumer.” 

“Like mid-strength beer and lighter wines, we are confident that Clovendoe 24 will become the next go-to norm in mid-strength offerings.  Mid-strength spirits is not simply a fad or a trend with a short shelf life.  It is fast-becoming an alluring and quality drinking experience for all demographics and social situations. 

“Our aim with Clovendoe 24 is to offer Australians a tantalising mid-strength choice that will ultimately become their number one selection when it comes to responsible and mindful drinking options.”