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An acoustic duo is a musical group consisting of two musicians playing together on acoustic instruments. Acoustic duos often feature vocalists who sing lead or harmony vocals, as well as guitarists who play fingerstyle or strummed chords to accompany the singers. Acoustic duos are popular in folk, blues, country, and other genres that emphasize acoustic instrumentation and intimate performance settings. The combination of just two musicians allows for a more direct connection between artist and audience, making an acoustic duo performance an intimate experience for both performer and listener alike.

Types of Music Played by an Acoustic Duo

An acoustic duo typically plays a wide range of music genres, depending on their musical preferences and the audience they are performing for. Here are some common types of music that Melbourne acoustic duo may play:

Folk: Folk music is a natural fit for acoustic duos. They can perform traditional folk songs or contemporary folk music. Instruments like acoustic guitars, banjos, and mandolins are often used in folk duos.

Pop: Acoustic duos can cover popular songs from various decades. These may include acoustic versions of current pop hits or classics from artists like The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, or Adele.

Country: Country music, with its strong roots in acoustic instrumentation, is well-suited for acoustic duos. They can cover songs by country legends or modern country hits.

Rock: Acoustic duos can give a unique twist to rock songs by performing stripped-down, acoustic renditions. This can include rock classics or contemporary rock hits.

Blues: Acoustic blues duos often use acoustic guitars and harmonicas to create a raw and authentic blues sound. They can cover songs by blues legends or perform original blues compositions.

Jazz: Jazz standards and jazz-influenced music can also be adapted for acoustic duos. The combination of an acoustic guitar and another melodic instrument (such as a saxophone or violin) can create a jazzy atmosphere.

Indie/Alternative: Acoustic duos can perform songs from indie and alternative bands. This genre often lends itself to acoustic interpretations, offering a unique sound to familiar tracks.

R&B/Soul: Acoustic duos can play soulful and R&B songs, showcasing vocal harmonies and acoustic instrumentals to capture the emotion and groove of these genres.

Classical: Some acoustic duos specialize in classical music, playing compositions by classical composers like Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven. This may involve acoustic guitar and another classical instrument like a violin or cello.

World Music: Acoustic duos may explore world music genres, such as flamenco, bossa nova, or African rhythms, to offer a diverse and multicultural musical experience.

Original Music: Many acoustic duos write and perform their original songs, spanning various genres. This allows them to showcase their creativity and unique musical style.

Covers from Various Eras: Acoustic duos often create eclectic setlists, including songs from different eras and styles to cater to a broad audience.

Remember that the specific repertoire of an acoustic duo can vary widely based on the musicians' preferences and the occasion they are performing for. They may also blend elements from multiple genres to create a signature sound that sets them apart.


In conclusion, acoustic duos provide a unique and intimate musical experience that is not easily replicated. With just two instruments, they create a sound that is both complex and captivating. They offer a variety of genres and styles, from traditional folk to modern pop. Acoustic duos are often the perfect choice for small events such as weddings or birthday parties, where their ability to fill the room with music in an intimate setting can be truly special.