Many businesses are looking for larger parking lots to support their customers and workers alike. An important feature of a large parking lot is adequate lighting for safety. There are some factors that should be considered when it comes to getting the right lighting for a commercial parking lot. If you want to install solar lighting in your parking lot then you need to consider the light power density, efficacy, colour quality, light distribution, efficiency, and lighting layout. The benefits are a factor in the installation of the lighting, and you will want lower energy costs, good quality lighting and lower maintenance costs and those are all possible with parking lot solar lighting.

LED Option for Parking Lot Lighting

When you are looking for the proper lighting for a commercial parking lot, you should take certain variables into consideration. The best solar parking lot lights should have low energy costs, durability, good light quality and the best distribution. LED lights can become dim over time, and this can cost money to replace the lighting. LED lights are known for their ability to operate even in the coldest of conditions. The flexibility of their design allows for frequent switching, so these lights are perfect for parking lots.

Solar and Battery Storage

The battery is where the solar energy is stored after it is collected throughout the day. This energy is what provides the lighting in the evening. You will need to choose solar panels that are large enough to charge the battery system of your solar set up. You will want a solar panel and battery back up that has the largest mAh or milliampere per hour. The battery in the system which backs everything up should have enough power to operate overnight for a multitude of hours. The ratio of batteries to solar panels and the draw on energy for lighting will assist you in checking on performance and the lighting system. The best solar panel will provide the brightest lighting for your commercial parking lot.

Light Distribution

A light fixture should be positioned where it will distribute the optimum amount of lighting for the parking lot. This will ensure that the parking lot is safe and secure as people enter and leave the parking lot. You can reference guidelines including the IESNA to ensure you haver the optimal luminaires for your parking lot. The efficacy of your luminaire is where you divide the lighting output by the power input, and this will provide you with the performance of the lighting. You want to use high lumen solar lighting and the data that is provided for the output of lumen and not the led data. The field proven data will include the optics and the drivers that are to be used with each fixture.

Illumination Levels

The required light levels are measured in FC or footcandles. This is how the illumination is measured by a basic unit and the measurements are generally taken with a light detector that is portable and handheld. The recommended level of light is applied by the different uses. When you know the measurements that pertain to the area to be lit then you will understand the total amount of light to be directed at the parking area.

The colour temperature is an important factor because it has an affect on how light appears in a parking lot. A 5-6 k fixture will provide clearer visibility because it is a bluer-white light that can be compared to the natural light of the sun. Many 4k fixtures offer the same lumen output and the 5k fixtures but the preferred option is 3k for areas around parks or where you do not want to disrupt wildlife in the surrounding areas of your parking lot.

When you consider illumination levels you should also consider light pollution. Any uplight should be eliminated so that the glare and the backlight are reduced so that your lighting does not disrupt wildlife, migrating birds or residents in the areas near to your commercial parking lot.

Adaptive Lighting and Motion Sensors

You want to be able to conserve the life of your battery and preserve security. Most parking lots do not need to be lit up all night long. The use of motion sensors or being able to adapt the lighting and have it dim during non-peak hours is not always possible. You can reduce the size of your lighting system and reduce project costs when you choose motion sensor technologies.

Mounting Your Lighting

When you are trying to decide where lighting should be place, it is crucial as lighting needs to be effectively displayed. Pole light fixtures are most used, but lights can also be mounted on the side of buildings or in landscaping features. Pole length is an important factor as higher poles can be more expensive and harder to maintain. You can utilize brighter lights on less poles that are taller to effectively light your commercial parking area.

Another consideration after the length of poles is the space that is allowed between poles. Parking lots can be large or small and the size will dictate the lighting. The average parking lot lighting needed will depend upon the size of the lot.

Choosing the correct lighting for your commercial parking lot can be difficult, but parking lots are a requirement for many businesses since the offer places for customers and employees to park. The security of the parking lot is important, so the proper lighting is required to ensure that the parking lot is safe.