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For Father’s Day, consider products from Australian Distilling Co., an Australian craft gin and spirit maker on a mission to capture the flavour and soul of Australia in every sip. The spirits are small batch, and utilise some of Australia’s most interesting botanicals including Kangaroo Island lavender and finger lime.  

With an impressive 17 SKU range, Australian Distilling Co. have a spirit to suit anyone’s tastes, with their National Range featuring the on-trend Shiraz (RRP $89) and Ruby Rhapsody (RRP $89) Gins, as well as their flagship Australian Distilling Co. Gin, a distinctly Australian interpretation of the classic London Dry Gin. What sets Australian Distilling Co. apart from other makers is their signature City Range, which features a unique gin that is personalised for major cities around Australia, including some of my personal favourites - Melbourne Gin (RRP $79), Bondi Gin (RRP $79) and Gold Coast Gin (RRP $79). 

We thought the Navy Gin (RRP $103), Australian Distilling Co’s resident overproof Gin, would be the perfect addition to any Father’s Day Gift Guides you may be working on. Intensely bold with dominant notes of woody spice and an earthy oak influence, this overproof gin has been beautifully crafted to be refined, yet striking on the palate. A great gift for Dad, the Navy Gin will pack a punch and impress this Father’s Day!