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Luxury adventure tour company, Ultimate Driving Tours has [Thursday, May 27] launched its equity crowdfunding campaign with Australia's leading equity crowdfunding platform Equitise, with almost $500,000 already raised through key investors who have done the tours - including motorsport racer and brain cancer survivor, Jeff Morton.

Ultimate Driving Tours founder, Anthony Moss, says the company can hardly keep up with demand for its supercar tours, drive your own car trips, self-guided holidays, F1 packages and track events.

“As soon as we announce a trip, it sells out. There’s a real desire for unique experiences right now,” says Moss, who has a background in race car driving himself, previously one of the Directors of Australia’s popular Dutton Rally.

“A lot of people don’t want to jump out of a plane anymore, but they want an adventure - one where they aren’t just a passive participant, they are involved in the action.”

“We grew from a single driving tour per year to a full calendar of events offering guests the chance to experience a fleet of supercars on the world’s best driving roads, to watch the Grand Prix in Monaco aboard a superyacht, to get behind the wheel of a real F1 car at a private track day or to dine with motorsport legends like Sir Jackie Stewart and Daniel Ricciardo.”

“We have been approached many times to open the company to investors, but we haven’t been ready before. The timing was never quite right.”

“Now after a really productive 2020 planning our expansion, we’re ready. The business was created from a passion. We love what we do and are now ready to open it up to others who also want to be a part of this.”

While investing in high growth unlisted businesses was once only accessible to high net worth investors and venture capitalists, equity crowdfunding means it is now available to any Australian who wants to buy shares in companies they feel passionate about. 

“The offer attracts people who are interested in cars, luxury travel and experiences plus those who just see the opportunity from the strong traction to date, gap in the market or growth plans. Investors might hope to be a guest one day, if they are not already.”

“We are seeing a lot of couples doing the tours together - it’s not just a boys trip with hard and fast driving all day long, it’s more than just a driving experience, it includes luxury accommodation, fine dining and exclusive lifestyle experiences.”


Upcoming Australian trips include a Victorian Driving Tour and a Supercar Tour from Sydney, with overseas events scheduled during the summer.

Money raised will go to expanding the range of experiences and operations as well as continued growth and  official launch in the US, UK and Asia. 

For more information, visit the Equitise Ultimate Driving Tour offer page here.

About Equitise

In January 2018, Equitise was one of the first platforms to receive an Australian retail crowdfunding license. With first-hand experience from the New Zealand market, they launched the first ever retail offer that same day which went on to raise almost $2.8 million. It became the only trans-Tasman platform connecting startup’s and growth businesses with a broad range of investors.

Now four years later, Equitise has raised tens of millions of dollars and more than 10,000 investments across 42 successful offers, helping many early-stage businesses access capital and thousands of early-investors get in on the ground floor with businesses they believe in. It is not just an equity crowdfunding platform - it also supports IPOs and wholesale offers.

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