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Peloton Guide, Peloton’s most accessibly-priced connected fitness product and our very first dedicated strength product, is now available in Australia. Peloton Guide is available starting at $$445 AUD. Existing Peloton All Access Members will be able to add Guide to their Membership at no cost.

Guide-only Members will receive introductory pricing to the All Access Membership for $35 AUD a month to access Peloton’s live and on demand library. The introductory pricing for the All Access Membership is available through 2022 and will roll over to the standard All-Access Membership price of $59 a month in January 2023. (This offer is not available for Members with a Peloton Bike or Bike+)

Motivation, Accountability and World-Class Instructors

Most folks jump into a fitness program with a goal in mind: running for thirty minutes straight, having the strength and endurance to keep up with a very active toddler, or preparing for that big hiking trip. These goals are personal and when we were creating Guide, we knew we had to build the features that would help everyone no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

We know we’ve created one of the best immersive experiences on the Bike and Bike+. Everything from the beat of the music, the push from your favourite Instructor and those motivating metrics work together to keep Members going. We’re pretty proud of how we’ve continued to improve the connection between Members and the classes! And when we set out to create Peloton Guide, we wanted to create that same experience, but for strength training.

With that mindset, we combined the latest technology with our content and fitness experts to change the way we strength train.

That’s how we came up with Movement Tracker: This feature is only available on Peloton Guide and is your accountability partner. We all know that when that countdown happens, when the Instructor reaches three, you may slow down or put down those weights. Movement Tracker appears in-class and encourages you to complete the exercises by giving you credit for doing the exercise for the full duration that the Instructor cues. You’ll get credit as long as you are moving while they are moving and are doing the correct exercise — no jumping jacks when you’re supposed to be squatting, for example. And at the end of each class, you’ll be able to see how many of the movements you were able to complete and maybe earn a badge or two!

Today, Movement Tracker understands hundreds of movements and their variations, and our library now contains hundreds of classes that are Movement Tracker compatible! As with all Peloton products, we will continue to improve this and all Guide features with ongoing software releases.

Peloton Guide will only get stronger because of Peloton’s own machine learning (ML) model. ML is a type of artificial intelligence that takes in data and turns it into patterns and decisions without having an engineer map out those decisions. We will be updating the Peloton Guide machine learning models by continuously running research and supplementing with our own data so you can expect improvements and updates to Movement Tracker over time.

New programs: Peloton’s wonderful Instructor and content team were in the thick of things throughout the entire development process. Because while we all love experimenting with technology, it wouldn’t be Peloton if it didn’t work seamlessly with our programming. We worked together to make sure the technology and content complemented each other to help Members reach their goals.

The collaboration resulted not only in great new strength classes, but new programs created specifically for Guide:

  • Floor Bootcamp: Jess Sims and Selena Samuela brought together floor cardio and strength. The 12-class program is specifically designed to not only help you get stronger but also increase your endurance. Even better - you don’t need a Bike! Just bring your mat and weights.
  • Split Programs: A more traditional style of strength training with the option to use heavier weight and the intent to build muscle. We have three and five day intermediate and advanced classes led by Robin Arzon, Callie Gullickson, Matty Maggiacomo, and Adrian Williams that will train specific muscles on consecutive days, while resting ones you just trained.
  • Strength Roll Call: Our favourite strength Instructors will teach at the same time every week, Monday to Friday. Everyone who is a Peloton Member can take these classes live and on-demand, but only Members using the Peloton Guide will have access to the Strength Roll Call program! We’ll be creating a collection of the weekly Strength Roll Call classes into a program exclusively available on Peloton Guide.

Checking yourself out: We can move our bodies in so many different ways, and we want to help everyone move properly and safely. Peloton Guide includes two features that will help you perfect your form: Self Mode and the Movement Details. Additionally, Body Activity will keep track of the muscles you’ve worked. With Self Mode, you’ll be able to see yourself next to the Instructor and check your form, while Movement Details is a resource to look up a movement. Think about the Movement Details as Peloton pro-tips from our pros - Peloton Instructors! As you preview a class, you may see a movement you’re unfamiliar with. You can click on the movement to see the Movement Details, a comprehensive video explanation of the movement before you try it. Body Activity looks at your workout history and highlights the muscle groups you’ve recently worked. Right below the body avatar on the home screen, Members will also see recommended classes that focus on different muscle groups in order to keep your muscles balanced. While we’re introducing this with the Peloton Guide, Body activity is available on Guide, the Peloton App, web, and the Peloton Bike and Peloton Bike+.

Privacy in your control: Just like everything about your Peloton experience, privacy is in your control. Peloton Guide is equipped with a slide to manually cover and turn off the camera and a hard switch to turn off the mic. When the slider is open, a green light will also indicate when the camera is on. Making Guide stronger and dynamic with more movements is our priority and we’ll be doing that by training our model with our own data and specific focus groups and testers. Whenever you take a workout with Guide, we will not be using your data to train our model. Members will have to explicitly be part of our field testing group!

These are just a few of our favourite things about Peloton Guide. If you’re like us and you can’t get enough about Guide, check out Callie’s unboxing and explainer video!

The Peloton Guide is available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Financing is available for eligible customers: AUS: $19/mo for 24 months (total price $445)


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