Tip #1 Moisturise

Sudden dryness in the air can wreak havoc on even the healthiest of hair. During winter, many men will notice dry and itchy scalps or even flare ups in dandruff or dermatitis which can leave unsightly reminders on that nice winter coat you're sporting.

Using hydrating haircare on a daily basis, such as  American Crew’s Daily Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner will give the hair and scalp the nourishment it craves. If your dandruff is particularly bad, replace your daily shampoo with American Crew’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo twice a week for a deep scalp cleanse.


Tip #2 Add volume

This time of year, between the hats and dry hair follicles, oils can get trapped at the roots causing your hair to feel lifeless and flat. Spend a bit more time on prepping your hair by adding a pre styling product to dry in the hair before finishing off with your paste or pomade.

The American Crew Grooming Spray or Alternator Finishing Spray are great options. Try putting a few pumps into your roots and set with moderate heat, giving the roots the air it needs and the hair a fuller and well held finish.


Tip #3 Prevention is easier than curing

Though seasonal hair loss is a strongly debated topic, it's known that during summer the hair will not shed as much to prevent sun damage on the scalp. So, does this mean that the rate of shedding increases through the winter? While the verdict is still out, it is essential you monitor your hair and its density. If you do notice any changes, do not fret! There’s a few steps you can take to slow down the process before it becomes too late.

The main cause of hair loss is excess DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which essentially shrinks the hair follicle leading to an unhealthy scalp and damaged hair. Use a leave-in scalp treatment and repairing shampoo to stop the loss in its tracks. American Crew’s Fortifying Scalp Treatment is shown to reduce breakage by 80% by strengthening hair from root to end. Compliment this treatment with American Crew’s Fortifying Shampoo, to get blood flowing to the hair follicles.


Tip #4 Don’t neglect your beard

Beards need love too! Like the scalp, facial hair (if not well nourished) can cause unsightly 'beard ruff' and itching. Some people can develop extremely dry, inflamed skin if the beard is left to run wild. American Crew’s Beard Foam Cleanser will help protect your facial hair from environmental damage.

As well as a daily wash (this should go without saying), use a beard oil or serum and massage into the skin. American Crew’s Beard Serum will keep your face hydrated and soften the hair too. For long beards, add American Crew’s Beard Balm to tame flyaway hairs in between trims.


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