Every business is like a unique person, with their traits, strengths and weaknesses, goals and aspirations. In business, the end goal is not a figure; it’s not a certain number of clients, or a number of employees, its sustained growth. Unique goals and tasks will aid in the creation of sustainability, productivity and efficiency, and while every business strives for success, it’s important to note that just like a unique human being, the means by which success is achieved will vary significantly.

Some companies thrive by having their employees work from home, coming together only once a week, and other companies need a working environment where people will be able to engage, interact, share ideas and build success.

Here are the biggest benefits of a shared office space.

Ideal for teamwork and productivity

Remember when you were at University and you tried to study by yourself in your room, or the park, and when even a leaf proved to be too distracting you finally went to the library, and everything changed?

The same anecdote can apply for productivity in business. A team of heads is better than one, and rather than communicating via e-mail or chat with your colleagues, you can significantly increase productivity and create a bond within the team if you had them all in one room, interacting and engaging with each other.

Ideal for networking and team building

Shared spaces offer variety and multiple designs suitable for every occasion and event. While you would be confined and restricted to the design of your office when organizing an event, a shared space can bring diversity in the life of your colleagues. Imagine having your team work full time in an office and then making them come back in the evening for a party or networking event.

To keep things interesting and fresh, you can use the spacious meeting room office hours, and then invite the guests and your employees for an evening party in the work club. The best shared office spaces are designed for a wide range of activities, from work to play and relaxation.

Lower investments

Investing in a personal office space in Sydney or Melbourne can drive your business straight into the ground with just the amount of its upkeep expenses. Bills, sanitation, infrastructure, security, support, design and practicality are just some of the details you would have to keep in mind and plan to the tee if you want to create a thriving working environment.

Therefore, it’s far more economical to invest in an existing infrastructure, one that will provide you with everything your company needs.


Because your business is supposed to grow, thrive and change in order to stay ahead of the competition and reach new heights, you can’t be burdened with lease contracts that will stifle your progress and unable you to move into a new space.

The best shared office space in Sydney will allow you to choose a membership that best suits your needs, providing you with full control and the chance to utilize the space in the best possible way that will bring your team closer together and deliver results faster than ever before.

Prime Location

Location, location, location - as the saying goes. Prospective clients are more likely to engage with your business, gain a sense of trust and create a relationship if it has a prominent view of Hyde Park and the Supreme Court rather than overlooking a dodgy fast food restaurant in a bad neighbourhood.

The crucial benefit of a shared space is that it’s usually situated in a stellar location that is noticeable and prestigious. These kinds of spaces are sure to attract the interest of clients as well as promote a sense of worth and productivity within the team.

The benefits of working with your colleagues in a shared space are numerous. You will be able to increase productivity, create a positive company culture, encourage creativity, hard work and induce passion, while cutting down on financial expenses and attracting new clients - the possibilities are endless.