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Most Surprising Things to Do in Hong Kong

The city of fabulous food, lights, and shopping till you cannot anymore, Hong Kong is filled with so much more than simply the typical activities. Built upon an island and surrounded by numerous isles, nature is abundant in Hong Kong.

The former British colony also boasts an interesting mix of culture and heritage, especially prevalent in the architectural features. From temple hopping to tasting unique street foods, this article explores some of the most surprising things to do in Hong Kong.

Exploring Tai O Fishing Village: Where Life Floats on Water

Tai O Fishing Village, also called the "Venice of Hong Kong," is a settlement that features a traditional way of life intertwined with the waters that surround the village. This fishing village, situated on Lantau Island, has a stark contrast to the bustling city of Hong Kong. The village’s labyrinthine alleys and stilt houses that rise above the water showcase a unique form of architecture that adapts to the tides.

Many of the villagers, most of whom make livelihoods through fishing, are very friendly to converse with, making it easy to gain insights into their routines. The bustling markets nearby can be visited for dried seafood and other local products for a glimpse into the area’s culinary traditions.

Dining at a Cartoon-Themed Restaurant

Hong Kong is famous for its diverse culinary scene, the most quirky one being the cartoon-themed restaurants. These eateries have transformed dining into an immersive art experience, with exquisitely crafted dishes resembling your animated characters, turning the meals into a visual and gastronomic delight.

The ambiance is equally enchanting, with decor transporting you into the whimsical world of cartoons.

Journey into the Past: Exploring the Abandoned Enclave of Ma Wan

Ma Wan is a ghost town in Hong Kong known for its intriguing blend of nostalgia and mystery. The town was abandoned due to urban redevelopment plans that never came to fruition, thus forming the eerie and almost surreal atmosphere of Ma Wan, helping draw in photographers, urban explorers, and history enthusiasts.

Walking through the deserted streets and homes, explorers feel like they’re stepping into a forgotten world while the abandoned theme park, with the statues and structures, adds to the unique ambiance of the enigmatic enclave.

Dance Freely in the Shadows: No Lights No Lycra Experience

"No Lights No Lycra" is a liberating dance experience that encourages participants to dance their hearts out in complete darkness. This allows an environment free from judgment and self-consciousness, celebrating self-expression, while allowing the dancers to connect with the music and the body in an unfiltered manner.

Attendees of the events have been said to feel a profound sense of release and joy while moving with the music’s flow, guided by their inner impulses. This helps let go, be present, and experience the beauty of uninhibited movement.


Known for its lights and bustling streets, Hong Kong’s hidden treasures transcend the ordinary. From the enchanting Tai O Fishing Village to the whimsical cartoon-themed restaurants, the liberating darkness of No Light No Lycra, and the abandoned mysteries of Ma Wan, Hong Kong’s surprises boast a multifaceted allure. The experiences reveal a side of the city unknown to many yet captivating and life-changing for numerous. Amidst this journey of discovery, it may help to enlist iVisa’s expertise and support to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience.