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AFL, Aussie rules or simply “footy” is Australia’s greatest game. Sure, we may be the world’s best in cricket, solid in rugby and perennial overachievers in the Olympics, but Aussie rules is the great Australian game. Why? Because it was invented here and it is ubiquitous across the country!

But it’s not only the fact that it is uniquely Australian that makes the sport our most beloved - it also happens to be a truly wonderful sport. The thrilling passion that comes with playing or watching a game of AFL is hard to beat, especially as it is a game with endless potential for outrageous surprises within each of its four quarters.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at why playing or watching AFL is such a joy:

It’s super fast-paced

Whether you’ve got your best gear from the Geelong, Collingwood or Adelaide Crows shop to play or watch the game, you know you’re in for a super-fun, fast-paced experience unlike any other sport in the world! The game moves at rapid-pace, ensuring there is always something exciting happening on the field.

Today, the game is even faster, with players reaching amazing athletic pinnacles to ensure that they are always one step ahead of the opposition. What’s more, the changing nature of the game means that there is greater evidence on finding quick interplay as opposed to simply lobbing it down the field with the biggest torpedo possible - this all combines to add to the fast and furious pace of this exhilarating sport!

The competition is fierce

Whether in the big league or the metro comps, Aussie rules competition is fierce. And at the end of the day, a bit of intense competition is always fun for anyone who likes to partake in the big occasion. You have the opportunity to join your teammates or fellow supporters in a battle against an equally-passionate opposition, working together to win a modern gladiatorial competition that you simply don’t see with other sports.

The state of play is tough and the tackles are hard, and this all adds to a gruelling experience that has to be played (or seen) to be believed. There is little wonder why it draws the massive crowds it does, with even regular AFL season games pulling 80,000 fans depending on the occasion. But for those of us who love the game this comes as little surprise - it’s just that exciting a contest!

It’s great for fitness

Alright, we’ll leave watching the game out of this one, as spectating often includes a few beers and a Four’N Twenty or two, but playing AFL is one of the greatest Aussie sports you can partake in fitness-wise. Why? Because it involves so many elements of fitness, from agility to acceleration, speed to strength and everything in between.

What’s more, it’s a great game for your mental health, with so much exercise pertaining to greater levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, something which is important for helping you get out there and take a win with the team!

It’s always a joyous occasion

Unless, of course, you regularly find yourself on the losing side, then maybe not… but there is always an element of joy that comes with watching and playing
footy, the great Aussie game. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s simply thrilling, and we won’t hear any arguments from NRL fans saying that their sport is better than this incredible contest of the highest physical peak!