Why training with water might be more effective than a gym

With the fitness industry constantly evolving with new and innovative ways that people can keep fit and work out, many people are realising that traditional methods of gym workouts that involve lifting weights tend to isolate body parts, leading to a dysfunction in the integration of body movements. Our bodies were designed to work in full harmony and are also adapted to making adjustments when circumstances change- there is a big difference, for example, between running on a treadmill (artificial) and running out on a mountain track (natural). The instability that comes with being outdoors leads to the body recruiting many elements at different times, as is required.

This same principle applies to training with the HydroCore. Bringing the natural forces of water together with the strength of the human body this is the new science of fitness- an unstable and dynamically changing piece of equipment movable in all planes of motion in many different ways leads to a workout experience where it is never the same twice. The amount of water added is adjustable, the amount of air added is adjustable, the hand grips are adjustable, the body movements are reactionary to how it and you move together- the HydroCore does for your body movement what it was designed to do- get a full integration of movement and recruit you muscles, brain, heart and lungs a unit as you engage in mindful movements.

The great thing about HydroCore is its versatility as a workout implement too. You can use it for weight training, use it for cardio training, use it as a punching bag, wrestle with it, do yoga with it, and it is totally portable and packed away easily as part of your kit for travelling. There is no other piece of equipment like this and it comes with a comprehensive online training platform to help you get the most out of your HydroCore.

Although it can be challenging to keep your workouts up to date and innovative, making the most of the warmer months and training outside can be a great way to try something new such as HydroCore.